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Are You Able to Manage Investments In These Uncertain Times?
Most people simply don’t have the time to do an adequate job managing their own investments in these uncertain times.  They’re too busy pursuing their lives, families, and careers.  They would rather spend time pursuing their passions and other priorities than thinking about the stock and bond markets.  If you are considering an investment manager to help improve your investment returns, consider these questions in light of our low fees:

Do you have the time to completely research investments? We do! This is our full-time profession, our full-time passion. 
Are you an expert, or do you invest based on tips, superficial research, and lists?  We're experts! We follow a disciplined approach based upon extensive research 
Do you have the education and training to optimize your portfolio and minimize risk? CPIC Principals are seasoned MBA graduates.
Do you apply a disciplined approach, or does work, vacations, and family interfere?  We continuously monitor your portfolio so there aren't lapses when you are busy. 
Do you monitor market conditions every day, making portfolio adjustments as needed?  We monitor changing market conditions every day, rebalancing portfolios as often as needed. 


The "opportunity cost" of dabbling with your investments can be expensive—especially considering our low asset-based management fees!  If you are you tired of seeing the poor results that dabbling produces, are tired of being blindsided by wild market swings, want a more consistent approach to obtaining your financial goals, and would rather spend your time pursuing the things you enjoy, then you might benefit from CPIC’s investment management services. Give us a try!

Advisor Insight

“Don’t risk trying to manage your investments on a part-time, ad hoc basis.  The lost opportunity may cost you thousands of dollars each year.  CPIC manages money on a full-time basis, freeing you to do the things you really want with your time.”

      Diane C. Jakubowski,       President


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