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CPIC encloses a copy of its quarterly newsletter, Investment Perspectives, with your quarterly account statements.  These newsletters are available online:

Q3-17 More Gains for Investors
Another Good Quarter
Stock Rally Continues in 2017
Outlook for 2017
Stocks Continue Upward
Q2-16 Stock Markets Stabilize
Q1-16 Stocks Edge Upward
Q4-15 2016 Outlook
Q3-15 Markets Slump Amid Uncertainty
Still No Gains for U.S. Markets
U.S. Markets Bump Sideways
Q4-14 Outlook 2015
Q2-14 Climbing A Wall of Worry
Moving Sideways
Q4-13 Outlook 2014
Good Gains in Third Quarter
Q2-13 Growth Continues -- Slowly
Q1-13 Stronger Economic Outlook
Q4-12 Outlook 2013
Summer Surge
Financial Markets Stall
Economic Expansion Continues

Q4-11 Will 2012 Bring More Recovery?
 A Cautious Look Ahead
 More Market Volatility
Q1-11 Markets Defy Global Turmoil
Q4-10 Outlook for 2011 
Q3-10 Economy and Stocks Move Upward 
Q2-10 Fear Returns
Q1-10 Economy Recovering -- Slowly 
Q4-09 Outlook 2010 
Q3-09 End of This Recession?
Q2-09 Signs of Stabilization 
Q1-09 Economic Slowdown Continues
Q4-08 Outlook for 2009
Q3-08 Financial Crisis Deepens


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