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Professional Portfolio Management

The financial crisis has bewildered investors, damaged portfolios, and destroyed retirement accounts.  Were you or your investment manager proactive during the recent financial crisis?  Or did your accounts, like those of most investors, ride the market down?

Even if you are not nearing retirement, you are probably concerned about improving your investment returns.  Perhaps it is time to consider an independent investment manager you can trust.  CPIC is a San Francisco Bay Area investment manager that strives to improve risk-adjusted returns for financially successful individuals.  Consider the potential benefits CPIC can offer:

  • A disciplined investment approach using a portfolio consisting primarily of no-load mutual funds;
  • Investment management customized to your specific financial and tax situation;
  • Transparent:  You remain in full control of your account at Charles Schwab & Co, TD Ameritrade, or another custodian of your choice;  CPIC acts as the investment manager, making trading decisions on your behalf;
  • A fee-only service:  Our only motivation is your account's risk-adjusted performance;  at CPIC you aren't faced with the conflicts of interest of a commissioned stock broker;
  • Dynamic Asset Allocation:  We use this active investment approach to shift investment styles and target different market sectors with changing market conditions;
  • An excellent track record:  Please ask!  We will even provide you with benchmark comparisons.
Your Peace of Mind

If you are a financially successful individual and yet want:

  • Better risk-adjusted returns
  • A vacation from tracking and analyzing the market’s volatile swings
  • A better investment strategy than following a broker’s often-unreliable tips

Well . . . you’re in good company!  Today’s hectic pace leaves few people with the time to consistently track markets and maintain a disciplined approach.  The result is often underperforming investments—money that isn’t working as hard as you.

When your financial future is at stake, you need an investment advisor you can trust.  All investment portfolios contain risk, so you need a firm that promises to put your interests first.  A firm with a strong track record, time-proven expertise, and the right professional experience in up and down markets.  If you choose CPIC, we can't promise you peace of mind, but we believe you'll rest easier knowing that a professional is managing your account.

Take Charge of Your Financial Future

Call us at 415-989-1915 for a complimentary analysis of your current portfolio or retirement account.  Discover how CPIC uses Dynamic Asset Allocation to manage risk and improve risk-adjusted returns.  Find out how easy it is to put CPIC's 30 years of managing portfolios for individuals, trusts, IRA accounts, 401k plans, and retirement plans to work for you. 

Learn more about CPIC's experienced principals, Thomas J. Bonomo and Diane C. Jakubowski.

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