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CPIC’s “Multiple-Manager Approach” Takes Advantage of
Dynamic Asset Allocation
ä and Dynamic Style Shiftingä

No single investment style is right for all economic cycles.  You have probably observed how different industry segments take turns leading the market for months, or even years.  Technology may run hot, only to fade and be replaced by small cap companies, biotechnology, Asian stocks, or even long-term government bonds.  Using Dynamic Asset Allocation, we emphasize those segments of the market that we see as the best match for current conditions.  Likewise, we use Dynamic Style Shifting to emphasize those investment styles (growth, value, etc) that we identify as producing the best current risk-adjusted investment returns.  By combining these two flexible techniques, we expect to produce better risk-adjusted returns for our clients.

Over a several-year period, we rotate styles and sectors within your portfolio as dictated by changing market conditions.  The objective is to stay with segments and styles that we see as delivering the best risk-adjusted performance.

Note: These are sample asset allocations only and are shown to demonstrate how styles and sectors might change over time.  They do not reflect any specific time period or any particular account type at CPIC.  Since each account at CPIC is customized, the asset allocation at any point in time will depend on many factors including your risk tolerance, tax sensitivity, your goals and objectives, and the performance of stock and bond markets.



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